Submission Guidelines

Dark Particle specializes in hand-made chapbooks of poetry and prose. Our mission is to publish both emerging and established voices. We aim to help the emerging poet find an audience by creating a platform by which they can speak their truth. By holding space for both emerging and established voices, each can help lift the other. We look for well crafted, yet raw, poetry. Dark Particle also focuses on the artwork that accompanies our hand-made chapbooks. Three forms of art meet here in confluence; the writing, the artwork, and the chapbook itself. Culminating in a unique innovation of an old tradition.

Reading Period: April 1st- July 31st

Guidelines: In keeping with the traditional aesthetics of the chapbook, please send manuscripts of 30 pages or less, in a single document as an attachment. Please do not paste manuscripts to the body of an email. Please do not send us an invitation to a Google Drive. Please include a table of contents and a short author bio. 

We are looking for the kind of poems that will stick in the grey matter of our thought-life. The thimble full of distilled memory. The gritty reality of your life, whispered or shouted from the Tabernacle of poetry. The boiled-broth of injustice. We want to fill the world with beautiful, sad, hopeful, and necessary words. 

Email all submissions or quires to 

Please put Manuscript/Your Name in the subject field.

Upon publication authors receive 20 copies of their chapbook and can purchase additional copies for $2.00 each.